Ragged Union


Formed in 2013, on the Front Range of Colorado. Ragged Union has made a name for itself at renowned festivals and events in the US and the UK as an “updated traditional” original band. The music sounds with a piece of the bluegrass tradition, with modern and varied songwriting. Ragged Union has appeared at IBMA, Wide Open Bluegrass, Darrington Bluegrass Festival and many others and major UK festivals.


The band members are Geoff Union, guitar and vocals, Jordan Ramsey, mandolin and vocals, Chris Elliott, banjo, Justin Hoffenberg, fiddle and Benny Galloway, Bass, guitar and vocals.


Teton Shadow Band


Teton Shadow Band has been performing since the summer of 2007 when the band initially formed. They kicked off their first performances playing for an American Folk-Dance Team in the Eastern Idaho Folk Dance Festival. Since that time, they have been performing throughout South Eastern Idaho and Utah in music festivals, fairs, and celebrations of all sorts. Playing a mix of contemporary and traditional bluegrass with strong vocal harmonies and intricate instrumental breaks, they have played for events as formal as weddings to as laid back as a 4th of July Barbecue. With many of them having played from early childhood they have a ton of experience and love to have play, sing, and make you smile.


The band members are Diane Koller, mandolin, fiddle, vocals, Nyk Vail, guitar, mandolin, banjo, and vocals, Jordan Snow, banjo, Fay Call, bass and vocals, and Curtis Benson, guitar, harmonica, and vocals.


Panhandle Polecats


Are a family band, Jenny (Little) Marks, the oldest, plays Bass and sings Harmony and lead. She lives with her husband in Post Falls Idaho and teaches Zumba!! Hank Little lives with his family near Priest River Idaho and plays Dobro and harmonica as well as sings a few songs and is our comic relief. He shears sheep for a living!! Molly (Little) Wilbur lives with her family also near Priest River Idaho and they sell produce, wool, and meat from their farm, Amiable Acres. She does most of the lead singing and harmony and picks a mean mandolin!!  Austin Little (the youngest and a twin) and his wife live in Idaho Falls Idaho and he works for an internet company. He plays the banjo, sings and writes many of our original songs. Bonnie (Little) Campbell (also the youngest and a twin) lives with her family in Odessa Washington and works at the local Drug Store. She plays the flat top guitar and sings harmony and lead. 



Scratchdog Stringband


Hails from Portland Oregon. They are a high-energy, innovative brand of bluegrass that satisfies both old-school traditionalists and newcomers to the genre. Some of the hardest working young musicians in the Pacific Northwest, the Portland-based ensemble has blazed through over three-hundred shows in the last two years, entertaining audiences with their rich harmonies, lush fiddle lines and break-neck banjo picking. But the Scratchdogs, aren't ever married to their instruments, seamlessly passing around the upright bass, guitar, fiddle, mandolin and banjos while trading lead vocals. Their live shows feature lightning-fast rippers sung of murder and ruin, swaggering tongue-in-cheek country tunes as well as heartbreaking ballads of love and loss. Each member sings lead to their original compositions and though with voices highly unique to each other, the quartet manages to expertly blend them into resonant four-part harmonies. 


The band members are James Rossi, fiddle and vocals, Andrew DeRossett, guitar and banjo, Max Countryman-Skewes, banjo and Steve Eggers, vocals and picks, strums and plucks any instrument he can find on stage


Wid Coyotes


Comes from Pocatello, Idaho and surrounding areas. The Wild Coyotes, from southeast Idaho, bring you a program spanning a wide variety of traditional American roots styles.  The Coyotes play music from the old time, bluegrass, classic and contemporary folk, and cowboy genres set to classic old-time string band instrumentation with wonderful vocals.


The band members are Vince Crofts, fiddle and vocals, Carrie Bean, bass and vocals, Rick McCracken, banjo and vocals and  Sallie Sublett, guitar and vocals.


Red Desert Ramblers


From Salt Lake City, Utah. Red Desert plays bluegrass old country and swing music. With combined experience of over 150 years, members blend traditional harmonies with smoking instrumental breaks. This band is very popular at festivals has performed at bluegrass and folk festivals in Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Washington, Wyoming and Colorado.


The band members are Steve Hewson, mandolin, guitar and vocals, Dave Bates, bass & vocals, Richard Schmeling, mandolin & vocals, Rick Martinez, banjo & vocals, Sharon Mitchell, hammered dulcimer & vocals.


Portneuf Gap


Portneuf Gap comes from Pocatello, Idaho Falls. A chance meeting and their shared

passion for playing, singing and

entertaining brought them together.

Their music is played from the heart,

and they hope that by sharing it with

you, you too will discover the charm

and beauty of this original American

music known as bluegrass.

The band members are Randy Hackworth

on guitar and vocals; Jake Jacobson on banjo and vocals; Max Gregory on bass and vocals; Kevin Smith on fiddle, guitar and vocals;and Fred Frank on mandolin and vocals


New South Fork


Come from Idaho Falls, ID. New South Fork is a traditional band that combines feverish musicianship with unique harmonies, to form a sound that is smooth and unforgettable. The band has been together for several years and during that time has played several venues throughout Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Washington. The distinctiveness of their sound begins with the diversity of each member. Fred Frank, mandolin & vocals, Emily Frank, guitar and vocals, Jeff Forbes, fiddle, Carrie Bean, bass & vocals and Ron Hillier, banjo.



Washburn Family Bluegrass


Come from Cedar City, UT. They are a family band that just started playing semi-professionally with in the last year. Paul 39, is the dad and grew up playing bluegrass music with his family. Paul had a dream of passing on the love of bluegrass to his kids. As each child got old enough to play an instrument, Paul began teaching them. Will 14, plays guitar, Nate 12, plays banjo and Jake 10, plays fiddle. It was apparent that to be a band they needed a bass player, so Paul began teaching Emily his wife to play the bass. Once they had the whole band put together, we began playing at a local restaurant and farmers markets throughout the area. People loved seeing a family playing together. The exposure they got from these shows allowed them to start playing at different events. They have played at several events including the Cedar City Livestock Festival and the Logandale Bluegrass Festival. We are pleased to bring them to the Bannock County Bluegrass Festival.